What drives us.

Mobility needs
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Rail transport is continuously gaining in importance and significance and will determine the mobility concepts of our future. People in the 21st century rightly expect transit systems that make sense and are reliable. mtrail develops the necessary solutions. Europe-wide.

Our Profile

For us complexity is not a hurdle but the measure of all things. We identify overarching relationships and the resulting core questions. Today's problems require far-reaching solutions for tomorrow. Our goal is to pursue sustainable development that results in meaningful long-term investments for our clients and our projects.

To ensure successful processes we offer a comprehensive range of services:

Feature 13 % saved.

Adaptive control (ADL) module calculates optimum speeds. This reduces energy consumption and costs - punctuality increases. How does this work?

On the go
since 2013.

mtrail is a company defined by their consistent output of high quality services.

Located in the Swiss canton of Bern, for Marcus Völcker, Martin Kaufmann and Marc Hoffmann coming together and creating mtrail was a natural next step to intensively pursue the same interests and goals. The result: concentrated knowledge and extensive experience in the field of software solutions for railway operations management.

This is complemented by our regard for the dynamic exchange between our highly skilled and valued employees.

What makes
us proud.

We are always delighted to win awards and are proud to have received the Watt d'Or 2016 in the “Energy Efficient Mobility” category. Calculating the energy-optimal driving profile for each train and transmiting the optimum speed as a driving recommendation to locomotive personnel, the innovative globally unique ADL system has been operating successfully for a number of years.

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